Klagmar's Top VGM #4,168 – Anuchard – Byzantine

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System: Windows, Xbox One (XBLA0, Xbox Series X/S (XBLA) Switch (eShop), Switch (eShop)
Game: Anuchard
Music Titles: “byzantine -moon-” & “byzantine -sun-”
Composer: Clea Leshlick

Stream the soundtrack here: https://soundcloud.com/clealeshlick/sets/anuchard

0:00 – byzantine ~moon~
3:25 – byzantine ~sun~

A list of my favorite video game music. It’s not in any order, and is intended purely for entertainment. Perhaps it will also introduce a few obscure titles or unknown songs. Enjoy!


1 thought on “Klagmar's Top VGM #4,168 – Anuchard – Byzantine”

  1. I always love to try obscure and unknown games, but they don’t always resonate with me. I was intrigued by Anuchard thanks to its unique character design and Zelda-inspired gameplay, but I ended up putting it down after a few hours thanks to its uninspired dialogue and repetitive gameplay. It’s that kind of game where I kept waiting for it to become enjoyable, but it never did. I also wasn’t super impressed by what I heard of its music, but I looked through the soundtrack afterwards and found that it actually gets way better further into the game. This track is incredibly catchy, be it the version with the piano focus, or the one with the chiptune focus starting at 3:25.

    Check the description for a link to the soundtrack.


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