Anuchard – Pixel-Art the civilization restoration action RPG New Gameplay

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Underneath a sleepy village lies a dungeon with a mysterious secret. All who enter its shadowy halls become trapped, their body and souls crystallized into statues for eternity. That is, until a plucky kid from town stumbles into the dungeon and changes the village’s fate forever.

Become the Bellweilder, a savior capable of returning lost souls to their home and clearing the dungeon of its dangerous inhabitants.

Defeat an army of enemies in action-packed combat. The Bellwielder brandishes their instrument to deliver powerful knockback attacks stunning enemies and capable of solving puzzles in creative ways.

Perform rituals to restore lost souls and recruit them to your village, building a tight-knit community. Unlock new resources and upgrades with each new recruit.

Anuchard comes to Steam for Windows PC in Autumn 2021.


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